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Title: Best Twitters
Post by: nCogNeato on August 15, 2011, 02:04:40 PM
Since I've been skimming the twittervers lately, I've come across some comedy gold.  If you have any great twitter accounts (funny or not) to share, please post them here.

Here are some of Neato's favorites so far.

Twitter Account:  The Batman (http://twitter.com/#!/God_Damn_Batman) (@God_Damn_Batman)
Why it's awesome:  "Found the Twilight novels under Robin's bed. Thought about mocking him, but considering his life expectancy decided to let him have his fun."

Twitter Account:  Cobra Commander (http://twitter.com/#!/CobraCommander) (@CobraCommander)
Why it's awesome:  "SUCCESS! My dungeon of starved vegans has finally started to turn cannibal! Tonight I dine on irony!"

Twitter Account:  T-800 (http://twitter.com/#!/111001001101010) (@111001001101010)
Why it's awesome:  "@sarahc Sarah Conner?"  "@Sarahco24 Sarah Conner?"  @s_undies Sarah Conner?" ...