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Title: Verruckt Map Pack By Kyubbikitsuni
Post by: TaraJayne on July 13, 2009, 11:46:18 AM

Ok then guys, this is my first effort at a review so please bear we me.
If I ramble, digress or go off on a tangent please feel free to go grab a cup of tea and some biscuits and come back for when I return to course.

I'm reckoning that it's no surprise that I was one of plethora of XBL users trying to download this new map pack. Admittedly for me it was more for a singular map in a certain game type but we'll come onto that in a little.

The downloading was slow but was it worth it???

As with all DLC there is little or no discernable differences to the original game except Treyarch have put some thought into the mechanics of this one. One frustrating element of the online system for COD5 is that you have very little control over which map you play on. This could mean that after shelling out your 800 points for the downloads you could potentially have to wait an age just to get onto any one of the 3 new multiplayer maps. However, to combat this the addition of a new option "map pack 1" means you have constant access to the new levels and will not get frustrated by going through level roulette.

Onto the maps then.
Each of them are set up for sabotage, capture the flag, team deathmatch, headquarters and domination and each have their own clever twists.

Knee deep is a daylight set village with plenty of nooks and crannies. The map itself has an ope main drag with scattered cover but a veteran sniper will love the opportunities it provides. The tendancy to get dragged into using the main routes through the river and roads is all to easy but the scope and size of the map brings it into it's own. For games such as capture the flag and sabotage the route back to your own base becomes a marathon which you choose any number of routes. Fantastic!

Nightfire is an (as it states) a night time jaunt around a war torn city. Providing shadows galore to hide in and split level buildings (both inside and out) to snipe and cause mayhem from. The buildings provide plenty of free roaming cover across the map whilst also creating a lot of space to move freely in them. It's almost a paradoxical open closed environment to play through.

Station is an altogether new affair too. Designed to be an abandoned underground station in the aftermath of a bombing. It's a long rectangular map which give in games such as capture the flag does pit you against the spaces as flags are placed out in the open where anyone and everyone will have their sights on you. It does have the option to sadlyturn into a frag fest as it would be far to easy to throw grenades from one end to the other but to make up for this the sides of the map provide a claustrophobic, turny twisty affair. Running the full length of the map are tunnels, side paths and routes. Choke points and ambushes. Campers will be in their happy place with this one. Anyone who is a fan of bettys and satchel charges will also not be disappointed.

And now onto the big one.........
The zombie level........

I'll get my one annoyance straight out here and now but to be honest I think it will fix too. The load time lags and finding a game can take a little time (not GEARS lag but slow enough)

The original level provided an anxious setting which, depending on the team you're in, can provide a strategical challenge which many have risen to.
Verruckt though, set in a disused asylum I am happy to say raises the bar in every area.
The map itself is immediately noticable in it's size. Similar, in size only I must add, to the multiplayer asylum level already present, players have now to face dangers on 2 fronts. Zombies can attack from outside the facility and now the courtyard. A slight frustration though is on some of the early levels you can find yourself on a slight hunt for the last shuffler of an impressively sized area.
An impressive touch added here is that instead of an ambiguous entry from the mist, zombies can be seen rising from the ground itself in a flurry of dust and earth.
New animations provide new zombies to shoot at as well as new movements. The speed on some have been greatly increases whilst others now goosestep towards you. Also the threat level has increased as they can not only hit you through the windows to prevent the trick of trapping the last zombie at a window or door, but they can also now hit more that can also hit harder and sometimes more than once. On a negative point though, the bug of zombies climbing through partly boarded windows whilst you are boarding them is still there meaning to be fixed (I hope).
The sound effects have also been turned up. Occasionally repetitive but still entertaining, the players now thank each other as well as warn each other. Banter and conversation it is not but it's a new and good step. Also included is a new sinister cackling voice letting you know what power up's have been attained.
Whilst on power up's the name and countdown system has been replaced with a symbol which flashes and runs out which adds to the tension as you can no longer simply time it your way.
Other extra bonuses are the can machines providing help such as quicker reloads, revives and juggernaut in game BUT can only be used after the power is turned on...........which leads me to what I feel is the strength in the game.

Previously all 4 players start together and work had as a team. You plan your way through the level down through where you go and how.
Treyarch have managed to ruin this for everyone, but in a good way.
The level starts you seperated onto one of 2 sides of an electric door and the only way to join up is to turn the power on. This does also sort out new electric door ways and also the can machines.
Starting in the main rooms you have 2 basic guns to earn and use. But to get the other guns and ultimately the power you have to kill and earn your way through at least 3 obstacles including debris and doors to open all at a cost.
As we all know, more doors open means more zombies can flood in to ruin your day. This is the masterpiece of it all.
No longer can you plan a route to channel them as you need to open their path as well to stand any chance. Strategy for the meanwhile is gone! I'm sure one will come to light soon enough, even I'm having ideas, but we'll have to see.

There are plenty of other little goodies too such as the scrawl on the walls and directions but there is one other influencial twist. The lucky box in the help room from the first has returned.......but be warned. Not all the contents of the box are helpful (in the conventional sense)
Without ruining what I think is a novel surprise I will leave with the teaser of beware the teddy bear.............I joke not.

Overall the new maps are substantial and considering that it's also rolled out with a patch inside and double xp for a week, for the level hogs as well as serious players this is a good addition.
Although I may be biased towards the zombie levels I do ask people to take in what I've said as well as Verruckt is a fantastic addition. Jumpy, edgy and sometimes frustrating this level is a fantastic new step and achievement for the game. There are still a couple of glitches but once immersed they will be missed.

In my humble opinion, and from someone who has only ever downloaded one other thing, this is a DMC pack well worth getting. Even if you;re not a zombie fan the depth of the other 3 maps gives plenty to run through, but for the undead hunters....let the carnage commence!!!