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Title: Disney Infinity
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(http://cdn.infinity.disneyis.com/infinitycdn/web/assets/assets/images/localized/logos/large/infinity_logo_en_US.png) (http://infinity.disney.com)

Disney Infinity 'interactive gaming platform' revealed, takes on Skylanders
Disney uncovers multi-franchise gaming world and scannable figurines, out June


The company described Disney Infinity as a "new interactive gaming platform" that brings together Disney's wide range of characters into a single interactive world.

Disney will release small toy figurings in for form of its famous characters, which players will use to call up 'Playsets'. Playsets are described as 'distinctive worlds' with their own rules and gameplay specific to the franchise on which it's based.

Alternatively, players will be able to bring all of Disney's characters together in one place in a place called 'Toy Box'.

In the 'Toy Box', you will get to play existing quests - called 'Adventures - created by Disney, or "create your own". Everything in the Toy Box is "editable", including its world and the toys within it.

Gameplay footage showed customisation tools that allowed for the creation of worlds and gameplay - in a similar fashion to LittleBigPlanet. 2D scrolling platforming, kart racing and open-world gameplay options were demonstrated.

Disney says the Disney Infinity platform will be global and cross-platform, including consoles, mobile and PC. Disney Infinity will launch in June with three Playsets - Monsters University, The Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean - and 20 toy figurines.

Additional - presumably optional - Playsets will be available at launch, with more Playsets and toys to come "throughout 2013".

A 'Starter Pack' will be offered, containing the game, three figurines and two 'Power Discs' - the readers on which you'll place the figurines to scan them into the game.

Gameplay demonstrations of each of the three launch-day Playsets were shown. The Incredibles Playset is an open-world urban action game, with characters from the movie fighting robots and other enemies. Players will also be able to build their own custom buildings.

The Monsters University demo showed similar open-world gameplay, this time focussing on a rivalry between two schools with players working to scare children from rival schools.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Playset has players traveling via sea between islands, exploring uncharted lands and doing battle with other pirate ships. All of the Playsets will be multiplayer, and two-player split-screen gameplay was shown.

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