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Complete Avatar Awards List:

After Burner Climax
After Burner T-Shirt – Unlock every EX option
Gold Flight Helmet – Obtain one of every medal type in Score Attack

Alan Wake
Jacket and Scarf – Play the Limited Collector's Edition Bonus disc

Alien Breed 2
Barne's Helmet – Kill 50 aliens
Body Armor – Complete single player

Alien Breed 3: Descent
Helmet – Launch Project X.
Space Suit – On Elite difficulty, finish Space Walk

Ancients of Ooga
Fireling's Mask – Complete all of the levels and revive the ancient
Healer's Mask – Complete the trials

Commander's Hat – Finish the campaign
Emperean Uniform – Finish the prologue

Friend Re-Challenge T-Shirt – Beat a friend's re-challenge
Legend T-Shirt – Earn the Legend rank in multiplayer
Showdown T-Shirt – Beat every boss
Sticker T-Shirt – Unlock every achievement
Wreck T-Shirt – Wreck another car

Carnival Games
Barker Bowler – Purchase the Barker Bowler
Monkey Barker – Purchase the Monkey Barker

Cars 2
Team Brazil Suit – Drive backwards for 15 minutes
Team France Suit – In Casino Tour, use the island as a shortcut
Team Spain Suit – Smash 100 objects in one event

Comic Jumper
Captain Smiley Hat – Finish the game
Star/Gerda T-Shirt – Finish the first level

Costume Quest
Pumpkin Mask – Complete the game
Pumpkin Pail – Start a new game

Crackdown 2
Freaky Slippers – Survive Agent Diagnostics and be deployed in Pacific City
Level 1 Agent Suit – Detonate every beacon
Official Agency Hoodie – Complete one of every objective type
Orb Shirt – Earn the First Blood achievement from Crackdown 1 then play Crackdown 2
Ruffian Hat – Detonate ever beacon in Hope Springs
PvP Agent Armor – Complete 15 minutes of Main (requires Deluge add-on)
PvP Agent Suit – Purchase Deluge add-on
Xbox Green Suit – Earn the Rocketeer achievement (requires Toy Box DLC)
Xbox Helmet – Earn the Rocketeer achievement (requires Toy Box DLC)

Crazy Taxi
Crazy Taxi T-Shirt – Play the game for five hours
Hawaiian Shirt/Leopard Print Tank Top – Play the game for 10 hours

Crimson Alliance
Death Knight Helm – Obtain 20 different treasures
Pet Shaman – Defeat the Primitive Shaman

Dance Paradise
King/Queen of Dance Hat – In Career mode, complete all level 3 songs
King/Queen of Dance Shirt – In Career mode, complete all level 6 songs
King/Queen of Dance Shoes/Boots – In Career mode, complete all level 4 songs
King/Queen of Dance T-Shirt/Top – In Career mode, complete all level 5 songs
King/Queen of Dance Shades – In Career mode, complete all level 2 songs

Red Darwinia T-Shirt – Win a game of Multiwinia on Xbox Live
Squad T-Shirt – Complete the Epilogue

Dead Block
Construction Helmet – Complete the tutorial
Dead Block T-Shirt – Complete single player

Deadliest Warrior
Coat of a Thousand Nails (DLC Required) – Complete Arcade mode with a new character
Rajput Helmet (DLC Required) – Complete Arcade mode with all new characters
Samurai Armor – Complete Arcade mode on any difficulty setting
Samurai Helmet – Complete Arcade mode with every character on Deadliest difficulty setting

Deadliest Warrior: Legends
Sun Tzu Costume – On Deadliest difficulty, complete Arcade mode with every character
Sun Tzu Helmet – On any difficulty, complete Arcade mode with any character

Dead to Rights: Retribution
GAC Armor – Complete the game on Officer difficulty or higher
GAC Helmet – In one level, get 30 headshots on Officer difficulty or higher
GCPD T-Shirt – Finish a level without firing one shot
Jack and Shadow T-Shirt – Achieve 20 Jack and Shadow kills on any level
Retribution T-Shirt – In the first mission, protect all of the hostages

Dragon Hatchling – Complete Ms. Heybenstance's quest to save her dragon
Unicorn Poop T-Shirt – Kill the twin dragons guarding the artifact

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue
DeathSpank Libre T-Shirt – Obtain the Obque guards' secret password
Gingerbread Avatar Pet – Defeat the Ultimate Cookie in the Jungle zone

Deca Sports Freedom
Deca Sports Freedom Special Wear – Achieve a 20-hit rally
Deca Sports T-Shirt – Enter sudden death in any game
Hashiskue T-Shirt – Say "Hudson" into the Kinect microphone in the Locker Room

Destination: Arcade
Dragon Pet – Find the dragon in the arcade
Hoodie – Check out Destination: Arcade

Dirt 3
Racing Boots – Raise your fan level to 12
Racing Gloves – Raise your fan level to 24
Racing Helmet – Complete the second season
Racing Outfit – Complete the first season

Doom II: Hell on Earth
Marine Suit – Finish No Rest for the Living
Doom II T-Shirt – Finish any level

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Jet Pack – Finish the game
T-Shirt – Complete any level

Earthworm Jim HD
Earthworm Jim Shirt – Defeat Billy
Earthworm Jim Supersuit – Complete any bonus stage

Fable III
Crown – Become the king of Albion
Royal Boots – Win the support of the Dwellers
Royal Shirt – Win the support of Bowerstone
Royal Trousers – Win the support of the Swift Brigade

Fantastic Pets
Fantastic Pets T-Shirt – Reach Rank 2
Crocodile/Tiger Claws – Reach Rank 4
Crocodile/Tiger Shoes – Reach Rank 5
Horned/Eared Hat – Reach Rank 3

From Dust
Tribal Mask – Download the complete version of the game

Fruit Ninja Kinect
Fruit Ninja T-Shirt – Equip a Sensei Swag Item
Sensei Garment – Complete five games in any mode
Sensei Pants – Finish three multiplayer games

Full House Poker
Black Hoodie – Level up once
Bulldog Mask – Level up to 50

Gears of War 3
Horde T-Shirt – Unlock the Welcome to the Horde Achievement
Locust Mask – Unlock the Welcome to Beast Mode achievement
Marcus Do-Rag – Complete the campaign

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Demigod Helmet – Free the Demigod
Guitar Hero Shirt – Play One Song
Johnny's Jacket – Earn 1,500 Stars
Legendary Guitar – Obtain the Legendary Guitar
Soundgarden Shirt – Play Black Rain

The Gunstringer
Cowboy Hat – Kill the posse member with the largest hat
Cowboy Outfit 1 – Finish the game
Cowboy Outfit 2 – Kill the posse member in a poncho

Half Minute Hero
T-Shirt – After completing quest 3, complete 10 quests in under 30 seconds
Vest – After completing quest 3, complete any quest in under 30 seconds

Halo Waypoint
EVA Helmet – Achieve all career milestones
Monitor Pet – Start Halo Waypoint
ODST Armor – Unlock Halo 3: ODST's Good Samaritan achievement
ODST Helmet – Unlock Halo 3: ODST's Campaign achievement
ODST Hoodie – Unlock Halo 3: ODST's Dark Times achievement
ODST Shirt – Unlock Halo 3: ODST's Tourist achievement
Recon Helmet – Unlock Halo 3: ODST Vidmaster Endure achievement

Halo Reach
Carter's Helmet – Clear a campaign mission on Legendary difficulty without dying
Emile's Helmet – Earn a Bulltrue medal in multiplayer or Firefight matchmaking
Jorge's Helmet – Earn a Killtacular medal in multiplayer matchmaking
Jun's Helmet – Kill 100 enemies in a row without dying in campaign or Firefight
Kat's Helmet – Avenge a teammate's death in multiplayer matchmaking
Noble 6 Helmet – Available to attendees of 2010 Gamescom, PAX, or San Diego Comic-Con

Hole in the Wall
Blue Helmet – Win the USA show
Silver Tights – Win the Russia show
Silver Top – Win the China show

Hydro Thunder Hurricane
Hydro Thunder T-Shirt – Earn 800 points from events
Toy Boat – Earn 18,5000 Points

Hydrophobia T-Shirt – Complete Act 2
Mavi Device – Complete Act 1

Ilomilo T-Shirt – Complete three levels
Ilo & Milo Pets – Unlock a full memory

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Shadow Planet T-Shirt – Reach the shadow planet
UFO Pet – Complete the campaign

Islands of Wakfu
Islands of Wakfu T-Shirt – Unlock the Chosen One achievement
Bird Pet – Unlock the Who's Who? achievement

Joy Ride
Aviator Goggles – Play each activity
Boss Hoodie – Race on All Tracks
Marathon Racer Suit – Play for 10 hours
Raven Jacket – Drive every vehicle
Smashing Helmet – Play each activity 10 times

Kinect Adventures
Adventurers Outfit – Participate in the Ultimate Treasure award ceremony
Gloves – Participate in the Treasure Grab award ceremony
Sunglasses – Participate in the Chasing the Sun award ceremony
Sweatband – Participate in the Gearing Up award ceremony
Watch & Band – Participate in the Winning Time award ceremony

Bengal Tiger T-Shirt – Visit The Glade
Cheetah T-Shirt – Visit La Selva
Leopard T-Shirt – Visit Cherry Blossom Grove
Lion T-Shirt – Visit Fiddler's Beach
Panther T-Shirt – Visit La Sun Mountain

Kinect Sports
I Love Kinect Sports T-Shirt – Secure the Champion Sports Badge
Kinect Sports Cap – Secure the Amateur Sports Badge
Kinect Sports Star T-Shirt – Secure the Master Sports Badge
Kinect Sports T-Shirt – Secure the Professional Sports Badge
Kinect Sports Trophy – Secure the Legendary Sports Badge

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Mercenary Outfit – Complete the game (different outfit for male and female avatars)

Lazy Raiders
Dr. Diggabone's Hat – Collect 16 relics
Dr. Giggabone's Outfit – Start the game

Left 4 Dead 2
Bull Shifters Shirt – Win 10 games in Versus
Depeche Mode Shirt – Hold and rescue Gnome Chompski from Dark Carnival
Gnome Pet – Play six mutations (requires The Passing DLC)
L4D2 Hat – Play any map in The Passing
L4D2 Shirt – Win 10 Scavenge games
Med Kit – Beat all five campaigns
Zombie Hand Shirt – Kill 10,000 infected

Limbo Pet – Beat the game
Limbo T-Shirt – Earn your first Limbo Achievement

Over the Top Hat – Play one song
Lady Gaga Shades – Earn 100 of every type of medal and 100,000 stars
Infinity Shades – Earn infinity on a song

Lips: I Love the 80s
Chillin' Blazer – In Relax, achieve a Big Bang rating
Devo Outfit – In Whip It, achieve a Big Bang rating

Lips: Party Classics
Biker Guy/Gal – In YMCA, perform all gestures and get a Big Bang rating
Teen Sensation – In I Think We are Alone Now, perform all gestures and earn a Big Bang rating

Magic: The Gathering 2012
Gideon Jura Character T-Shirt – Beat Karn in the campaign
Planeswalker Hat – Beat Kiora in the campaign
Planeswalker T-Shirt – Beat Chandra in the campaign

Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers
Magic the Gathering Cards – Unlock all cards for six decks
Planeswalkers T-Shirt – Unlock all cards for three decks

Major League Baseball 2K10
2K Sports Jersey – Win a game in any mode
Bat and Ball – Hit 150 homers, or win the batting title in Franchise or My Player modes
Batting Helmet – Hit a grand slam
Evan Longoria Jersey – Win the best fielder award in Franchise or My Player modes
MLB 2K10 Jersey – In My Player, get called up to the Majors

Monday Night Combat
Mascot Mask – Meet the mascot during the tutorial
Monday Night Combat Shirt – Complete Exhibition Blitz mode

Ms. Splosion Man
Ms. Splosion Man Mask – Buy it in the game's shop
Twisted Pixel Hoodie/Shirt – Buy it in the game's shop

MX vs. ATV Alive
Alive Uniform – Complete every level 1 race goal
Alive T-Shirt – Finish a race
Gold Helmet – Reach level 50

Perfect Dark
Elvis Plushie – Beat the game and complete a special mission
Perfect Dark Shirt – Achieve a headshot

Pinball FX 2
Pinball FX 2 T-Shirt – Achieve 5,000 Wizard Score
Pinball FX 2 Wizard Robe/Sorceress Dress – Achieve 100,000 Wizard Score

Portal 2
Companion Cube – Complete the campaign
Portal 2 Hat – Survive Manual Override
Portal 2 Logo T-Shirt – Complete Portal 2's cooperative mode
Robots in Love T-Shirt – Hug three co-op friends
Turret T-Shirt – Complete the 10th Test Chamber in under 70 seconds

Radiant Silvergun
Battleship Pet – Play Story mode 20 times
Radiant Silvergun T-Shirt – Play Arcade mode 20 times

Giant Crown – Complete a mega-challenge in chapter 2
Radskulls T-Shirt – Complete a mega-challenge in chapter 1

Red Dead Redemption
Gentleman's Attire/Ladies Finest – Complete the Skin It To Win Challenge in the Social Club
Rockstar T-Shirt – Find the hidden chest in Riley's Charge
Sombrero – Shot an enemy's hat off without killing them
Red Dead T-Shirt – Open the chest in the Marston household's attic

Risk: Factions
Risk T-Shirt – Finish the game
Robot Head – Finish the game

Rock Band 3
Bass T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy bass (or 3 star on higher difficulties)
Drum T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy drums (or 3 star on higher difficulties)
Guitar T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy guitar (or 3 star on higher difficulties)
Keyboard T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy keys (or 3 star on higher difficulties)
Microphone T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy vocals (or 3 star on higher difficulties)

Scrap Metal
R/C Car – Complete all single player missions
Scrap Metal T-Shirt – Complete your first race

Section 8: Prejudice
Gold Helmet – Unlock 46 stars or reach level 20
Section 8 T-Shirt – Complete the campaign's Answers stage

Sega Bass Fishing
Fishing Rod – Play the game for 10 hours
Sega Bass Fishing T-Shirt – Play the game for 5 hours

Sega Rally: Online Arcade
Racing Suit – Complete one Quick Race

Snoopy Flying Ace
Red Baron Avatar Outfit – Achieve the Flying Ace rank
Snoopy Avatar Shirt – Earn a medal on all missions

Sonic Adventure
Blue Sonic T-Shirt – Play for five hours
Sonic Shoes – Play for ten hours

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1
Sonic Costume – Finish the game
Sonic Mask – Collect all the rings in the Eggman fight

Sonic Free Riders
E-10,000 G Shirt – Playing as E-10,000 G, finish first in every race
Jet Shirt – Playing as Jet, finish first in every race
Sonic Shirt – Playing as Sonic, finish first in every race
Sonic Free Riders Shirt – Watch all of the credits

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!
Cartman's Hat – Complete one level
Kenny's Hoodie – Complete the campaign

Space Channel 5: Part 2
Morolian/Ulala Costumes – Play the game for 10 hours
Space Channel 5 T-Shirt – Play the game for 5 hours

'Splosion Man
Big Science Shirt/Dress – Complete the multiplayer campaign
'Splosion Man Shirt/Sweatshirt – Break any glass object

Star Raiders
Star Raiders T-Shirt – Obtain the Pilot Rank

Super Meat Boy
Super Meat Boy Prop – Beat Light World
Super Meat Boy T-Shirt – Unlocked through time spent in the game. Exact hours have not been nailed down yet

Alien Cap – Defeat any boss

Robot Cap – Complete the game
Torchlight T-Shirt – Defeat the Overseer

Toy Soldiers
Gas Mask – Complete the first level
Pickelhaube Hat – Finish the campaign

Toy Soldiers: Cold War
Cold War T-Shirt – Reach round 5 in Survival
Flight Jacket – Complete the Gatling Gun section in Tutorial
Mullet/Headband – Finish the first MIG wave in Tutorial

Trenched T-Shirt – Complete certification
Trenchie Pet – Gain control of Europe from the Northern Pylon

UFC Personal Trainer
Gloves – Earn 10 medals
Shorts – Earn 50 medals
Shirt – Earn 150 medals

Unbound Saga
Unbound Saga Comic Book Stack – Complete Story mode
Unbound Saga T-Shirt – Complete any episode

Wipeout: In the Zone
Life Jacket – Enter a code
Safety Helmet – Enter a code

A World of Keflings
Dragon – Become friends with the baby dragon in Ice Kingdom
Helmet – Talk to the Chief in the Ice Kingdom

(Expired March 27)
Xbox Live Labs
Lab Coat – Complete the 30-minute test
Brain Helmet – Complete the hour-long test
Crazy Mad Scientist Hair – Complete the six-hour test

Yar's Revenge
Yar's T-Shirt – Complete the game

You Don't Know Jack
Bald-Headed Ski Mask – Play episode 58
Bill O'Brien Doll – Find the wrong answer in episode 73
Pants – Play episode 9
You Don't Know Jack T-Shirt – Play any episode

Is it just me or when the awards launched it was advertised as if every game would have them and all we have is half a dozen?!?

Left 4 Dead 2 added:
Beat all Campaigns (1 Accessory)
Win 10 Games of Versus (2 Shirts -1M, 1F)
Win 10 Games of Scavenge (2 Shirts -1M, 1F)
Kill 10,000 Infected (2 Shirts -1M, 1F)
Rescue Gnome Chompski (2 Shirts -1M, 1F)

Lips Added:
Earn Superstar Rank (1 Glasses)
Earn Gold Cup (2 Shoes -1M, 1F)
Earn an Affinity Rating (1 Glasses)
Sing One Song (2 Hats -1M, 1F)

Splosion Man Added:
Break your first Pane of Glass (2 Shirts -1M, 1F)
Finish the game in CoOp (M = Shirt, F=Dress)

Lazy Raiders Added:
Start the Game (2 Outfits -1M, 1F)
Finish all Levels (1 Hat)

Toy Soldiers Added:
Start the Game (1 Helmet)
Finish the Game (1 Hat)

Halo Waypoint Added:
Complete ODST (2 Helmets -1M, 1F)
Unlock ODST Good Samaritan Achieve (2 Outifts -1M, 1F)
Unlock ODST Dark Times Achieve (2 Tops -1M, 1F)
Unlock ODST Tourist Achieve (2 Shirts -1M, 1F)
Unlock ODST Endure Achieve (2 Helmets -1M, 1F)
Start Halo Waypoint (1 Accessory)
Get to Rank 50 on Halo Waypoint (2 Helmets -1M, 1F)

Good stuff Failed, i've only got one of the above so far & that was for starting Halo Waypoint, I do have Splosion Man, so I can try for those at some point.

i got the splosion man one though not he co op one haven't tried co op yet. just got left 4 dead 2, i didn't know it had awards, gives me even more reason to play it now!


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