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AFRO SAMURAI, a Failed Review
« on: July 13, 2009, 12:35:21 PM »
AFRO SAMURAI, a Failed Review   

This can be viewed as an average hack-and-slash game or depending on wether you learn the intricate combos, flips and focus finishing a well conceived and deep game. When the camera isn't getting in your way the game flows with such pace and slick it stands excellently above other titles of it's ilk.

You can ponder through the game quite happily hammering x and y like you were playing Dynasty Warriors, but when a game rolls with this much pace it's hard not to try and be smooth as possible with your combos  and without an Arcadey Super Slick Style rating.
You can also with the hold of the left trigger go into Focus Mode which slows the world and lets you perform Perfect Slashes, killing low enemies instantly and doing great damage to bosses and bigger enemies. This can also be used to flick bullets back at enemies or slice them into shards.

Afro captures the excellent look and feel of the Anime, if you've played DragonBall or Naruto on the 360 you'll know how well cell-shading brings Anime games to life and gives them a truly genuine feel. Prince of Persia got lots of praise for it's visuals, but i feel Afro out does them with better variety in scenes and a more minimalist look.
The audio is supervised by RZA and it shows with some really funky work, genuine voice acting from great actors like Samuel L Jackson and Ron Perlman add greatly to the overall Anime feel and the cut scenes are brilliant and hilarious.

A fan of the Anime series will find everything they want from this game, with it's genuine Anime feel. A newcomer to the series however could get very lost with the story as lots of it isn't explained and can seem almost stuck together willy-nilly with no cohesion. The camera can be aweful at times and i can easily kill you quicker than one of the cheap bosses. While all bosses should be difficult in games, some of these bosses will have you needing to buy a new pad and yet some other bosses are very easy.

It's hard to rate this game, i would like to be critical a little with the dodgy camera, complex story that almost requires you to watch the Anime and the massive gulf between extremely hard bosses and very easy bosses. Then again, i can't help but love the game for a truly excellent hack'em up. Fast, slick and stylish and it oozes cool with the style, music and setting.

If you loved the series and maybe the movie, then this is a must have and great addition to the franchise. Give it an 8.

If you just love a good hack'em up, the simple and fluid approach to combat can offer you a good game, the story however might seem a bit jumpy. Give it a 7.

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