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  • WSC Real 11 (UK): April 15, 2011

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WSC Real 11
« on: March 30, 2011, 05:51:38 AM »
WSC Real 11 Trailer is Snooker Loopy

Remember that scene in The Matrix, where Neo and Morpheus play snooker and the camera goes all bullet-time around the balls? No? Us neither, because we just made it up. But, if you've always wished  that such a scene had made it into the Matrix trilogy, then you're in luck, as WSC Real 11 Snooker has a super slow-motion replay system and time control function that's all a bit Matrix-esque. But with snooker balls... Sort of.

In this new WSC Real 11 trailer, you can see the game's replays and rewind features in action, as well as the 'pixel-perfect' ball physics and some of the loveliest baize and shiniest balls we've ever seen. Ooh, just look at the shiny balls! Look at them!

Check out the video for more, then chalk up your cue for WSC Real 11 Snooker on April 15th, 2011.

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