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1 Star = Hated It
2 Stars = Didn't Like It
3 Stars = Liked It
4 Stars = Really Liked It
5 Stars = Loved It

The same as the movie page just with games. Rate the last game you played and completed. Arcaade or full price.

CRYSIS 2       4 stars.

Looked Fantastic, Played very well apart from a small number of AI issues, Could of really done with a better ending to push it to a great game. But I very much enjoyed playing through it.
Multi-player was the standard issue, Pretty much what you expect from most multi-player games, Just not up to the standard of the Halo's, Gears, Battlefields and CoD's.


Portal 2
5 Stars
Funny, charming, challenging and rewarding.  The game is a masterpiece.


Gunstar Heroes
2 Stars
I remember playing this game on the Sega Genesis and loving its variety of unique characters, challenging gameplay, and intense story.  17 years later (and older, and wiser), the game is crap.  Rediculously easy.  Story makes absolutely no sense.  Characters are blatant copies of other franchises.  12-year-old Neato was dumb.   :P


2 stars for this, not very good but an easy 1000 points which is always a bonus   :)


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