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Avatar FameStar
« on: July 27, 2012, 02:00:29 PM »

Avatar FameStar is a new way to interact with your avatar-based games, where you earn Fame by accomplishing challenges. As you earn fame, you can unlock new Avatar items and outfits, decking out your Avatar to show off your accomplishments. These items appear across different games, too, so you can wear your Wreckateer Goblin outfit in Full House Poker while sitting at the tables.

Ultimately, you can achieve the rank of "MegaStar", becoming one of the highest skilled and recognizable members of the AFS community, and show off your new outfit. This adds a whole new dimension to Avatars, and provides a new way to gain social recognition for your achievements.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Avatar FameStar will be available inside three titles right at launch — Wreckateer, A World of Keflings, and Full House Poker. Wreckateer is a new launch on Kinect, while the other two games will have a title update to include AFS functionality within them.

Here is the announced list of titles that will have Avatar FameStar support!  Keep in mind additional unannounced titles will support AFS as well, so check back here soon!

     • Wreckateer (out now!)
     • A World of Keflings (AFS update coming soon)
     • Full House Poker (AFS update out now!)
     • FirePro Wrestling
     • Avatar Motocross Madness
     • Homerun Stars
     • And more forthcoming!


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