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Steam’s Big Picture
« on: September 11, 2012, 01:09:46 PM »
They’ve got the big screen, now give them the big picture.

It’s time to come out of the den and explore a few more rooms of the house.

Heading to the living room—or anywhere there’s a big screen—is Steam’s soon-to-be-released big-picture mode, offering simple, easy-to-read navigation designed specifically for TV. With full controller support, big-picture mode will let gamers kick back and enjoy their favorite games on the biggest screen in the house.

Steam’s big-picture mode doesn’t require any additional development from you. Just ensure your game works well with a controller, and we’ll take care of the rest. And don’t worry, keyboard and mouse aren’t going anywhere—users will be able to switch between input devices at any time.

This revolution will be televised.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Relax, it's Steam
Why give up your games, your friends, and all that you love about Steam when you play games in the living room? With Big Picture, we’ve reformatted Steam for use with your TV and game controller, so you can enjoy your Steam games from the comfort of your couch.

TV, meet PC.
Grab your laptop and an HDMI cable, connect a dedicated PC to your TV, or just kick back in your dorm. Setup is easy.

Choose your weapon
Pick up your game controller or liberate your keyboard and mouse - the choice is yours. Big Picture, paired with your controller, makes for a powerful match. You can navigate Steam, surf the web, and even chat. Oh, and play games too.

2500+ store titles
Browse or search the entire catalog of Steam games, videos, demos. Catch up on the latest releases, top sellers, and grab the daily deal while it’s hot.

Your entire library of games
Your collection of Steam games represents your investment. Time to reap your rewards with Steam in the living room.

50,000,000 of your closest friends
Everyone’s here. Whether they’re on a PC, a Mac, a mobile device or a sofa, all your friends are now in your living room, ready to join your game or just chat.

The world's first first person web browser

Browse your way across the internet with reticle-based navigation, tabbed browsing, and your favorites saved to the cloud, all just a button press away.

Now you're typing with Daisywheel

QWERTY is for keyboards. Daisywheel is for controllers. Now surfing and chatting are easy with your thumbs, a controller, and Daisywheel, Big Picture’s new tool for typing.

...and more features to come!

Watch for updates as we continue to build and refine Big Picture. Share your feedback as the features develop.

It's all available now in Beta
PC users, opt into the Steam Beta Update, then click BIG PICTURE to give it a try.


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