Author Topic: Free Custom Console For Xbox LIVE Veterans  (Read 716 times)

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Free Custom Console For Xbox LIVE Veterans
« on: November 13, 2012, 02:46:15 PM »

Yesterday, Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb tweeted the following:

#XboxLIVEis10 this week and yes we plan on celebrating it with you. Details in a few days.

Sounded largely unexciting, but then we got an email from a reader around the same time with these images, of a console his friend just got in the mail, emblazoned with Xbox Live 10th birthday graphics.

In addition to a special box and colour scheme, there's a custom controller, "decade of entertainment" logo on the side of the console, as well as a cool little touch on the disc tray door, with a special "XBL10" plate.

We're told he didn't order it, didn't enter a competition and doesn't work in the games business. The only reason they can think of is that his ten-year anniversary of being an Xbox Live member just rolled around.

We've contacted Microsoft to see what's up with this, because boy, if everyone who's been on Xbox Live for ten years is getting one of these, that's a pretty sweet deal, even if there won't be many around at the moment (the service only debuted in October 2002). I'll update if we hear back.


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Re: Free Custom Console For Xbox LIVE Veterans
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2012, 06:28:06 AM »
Stallion83, the man with the World's highest legit gamerscore for anyone interested, posted a pic of his on Facebook yesterday, looks nice too.   :)


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