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Evening all,

Being such a N00B I can't seem to set up my profile correctly.  How do I get my GT signature and profile picture to work like it did on the old site?

and remember folks I need specifics...

I seem to recall Neato creating a thread on this very subject so an updated one would be muchos appreciated.


I will try and help u as much as i can but its from my mobile so cant do links or anythin! But if u go to mygamertag website (think thats the one) and use the bbcode for u gamer tag then copy it then on the new website go to my profile then forum preferences then paste the bbcode in the sig part of that, hope i helped, if i go online later i will edit it to make more sense.

Go to your profile page, then click on Forum Profile Information which is on the left under Modify Profile.

Once there, you'll be able to select a profile pic, i just used a pic from photobucket, but you should be able to use a pic from any website too, at the bottom of this page is your signature, to put your GT there, go to & generate a Gamercard code for the appropriate tag pic (like you would have done ages ago on the last site) then click on Forums (Image) and paste the BBCode (the bottom one) into the signature box on your profile page here then click change profile & away you go.

nice one chaps, I'll have a play shortly... :)

Thanks crak, u said it better!


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