Author Topic: Microsoft lock children's accounts.  (Read 580 times)

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Microsoft lock children's accounts.
« on: December 16, 2013, 04:52:57 AM »
Since the last update on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One the gold accounts of children have been locked.
As a parent of a very active child gamer you can imagine I'm not best pleased, When my son tries to go on live it asks for my permission which I give, It then gives a error message of 83118853 and tells me to go to to prove my age.
When I log into it tells me my name and age needs confirming, After confirming it just redirects me to the original message of confirming my name and age.
After looking on the Xbox forums in which there are hundreds of complaints from parents with the same problem it seems that you need to pay 0.50 to reactivate the child's account the problem being you can only pay by american credit card. As you can imagine Americans are not happy at being charged to reactivate accounts they have already paid for but for the rest of us that is not even an option.
The worst of it being is that Microsoft are being totally unresponsive about the whole issue, Having been on the phone for over an hour in which they tried to take me through steps which I knew would not work (having read the Xbox forums where they have told everyone the same thing and yet know it does not work) I then told them on the phone about the other complaints on the forums it was then that they told me that they were aware of the problem and are dealing it with it.
With Xmas just around the corner and my son with around £130 pounds worth of X360 games under the tree I am not a happy bunny, In fact you could say I am totally pissed off with Microsoft, And as someone who has not brought into the net gen yet and was waiting for next year to really make my mind up I'm really looking towards Sony as my console of choice.

Rant over.


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