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Shakes' Games for Android
« on: December 22, 2014, 09:59:07 AM »
Hi all! You like fun games, right? How about cheap games? How about indie games? How about a little charity? Seriously, I'm starving over here.

My first game, Land War, is a silly mix between strategy and arcade shoot 'em up. The artwork is all mine, so it looks like crap, but I promise you it is casual good fun.

My second game, Silent Station: Screaming in a Vacuum, is a 2D side scrolling survival horror roguelike game set on a space station. In other words it is scary, randomly generated, and in effing cool space! I commissioned  out some of the artwork on this game, so it looks a bit prettier than Land War.

Both games are fun and I appreciate any downloads, reviews, or exposure I can get. Alright, back to warming my hands around a candle and scavenging for lose change in the park.

Your mom!


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