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I, Hope
« on: April 18, 2018, 07:02:47 PM »

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There’s a new indie game on the horizon, and it’s not your typical Xbox release. Profound, poignant and undeniably cathartic, "I, Hope" is a strikingly designed 3D adventure game on ID@Xbox, Microsoft’s self-publishing platform for indie game developers, aiming at helping young patients take their mind off long hospital stays and difficult treatments – all while having a blast.

Developed specifically with combating cancer in mind, 100% of the profits generated by "I,Hope" will go to supporting children with life threatening illnesses and their families.

A young girl named Hope lives peacefully with her Grandpa upon an island floating in the clouds. That is, until one day, a dark monster called Cancer attacks and destroys her village, ensnaring the surrounding islands with its evil tentacles. Hope must travel to these islands to free their creatures and acquire the weapons she will need to defeat her ultimate enemy.

Equal parts 3D adventure, puzzle-solving, and platforming, this game challenges the mind and spirit, bringing players on an emotional journey that ultimately teaches the power that each of us has within.

Developed in partnership with hospitals and child researchers to have a poignant impact on the lives of children fighting cancer, "I, Hope" is also donating fully 100% of all sales to GameChanger Charity, an organization that supports children and families fighting cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Join the battle, save the world... ...and become Hope.

I, Hope is available now digitally through Xbox Live Store.

[More Details via Microsoft]


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