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Forza Street
« on: April 15, 2019, 05:09:36 PM »

Ok..not sure, but this one starts off with one hell of a confusing message. It's... a mobile Forza game...(the Forza side can be debatable, aside from carrying the name)...but the trailer starts with the Xbox logo..but it's not available for Xbox and only Windows 10 (no mention of "Play Anywhere"...and again, it's mobile...) and soon available for Apple and Google??

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Over the last couple of months, rumours have been circling that Turn 10 had a mobile game in production, known as Forza Street (Win 10). Those rumours did have some truth in them. There is a game called Forza Street in existence, but it isn't a new title. Instead, Miami Street, which was released on Windows 10 almost a year ago, has rebranded today and been welcomed into the Forza franchise.

So, it's more of a re-branding experiment...still doesn't explain where the Xbox One fits in? I get the Windows angle, but on last check, Windows and Xbox aren't yet seamlessly interchangeable platforms. ???
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