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Ubisoft Premium Pass
« on: May 29, 2019, 03:59:22 AM »
Ubisoft Premium Pass Leaks, Is It An EA Access-Style Subscription Service?

It appears that Ubisoft could be planning its own EA Access, Xbox Game Pass or PS Now-style subscription service under the guise of the 'Ubisoft Premium Pass'. The result of yet another leak - as is usually the case in the run-up to E3 - the pass was spotted on Ubisoft's official site, erroneously posted with a placeholder image.

Spied on ResetEra, the Ubisoft Premium Pass could presumably offer something akin to EA Access, with a library of games available to play in exchange for a monthly or annual fee. EA Access also gives its members 10% off on full games and DLC, as well as limited early access to new releases; whether Ubi's possible version of the service would do the same is unknown.

In fact, nothing is really known about the Ubisoft Premium Pass beyond speculation, but should the leaked listing indeed be pointing to a subscription-based service like EA Access, PS Now, or Xbox Game Pass, it could mark yet another publisher moving towards a different model for delivering its games.

Ubisoft is due to hold its E3 2019 media briefing on 10th June, when we'll potentially find out more about the Ubisoft Premium Pass, and hopefully some new stuff, like Splinter Cell or Watch Dogs 3. Fingers crossed.

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Re: Ubisoft Premium Pass
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2019, 01:17:40 PM »
Intrigued...but subscribing to these "Passes" really would break the damn in terms of the backlog. Also starting to wonder how soon before hard-copy versions of games start becoming "Collectibles"?


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