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Black Ops II
« on: December 30, 2012, 08:21:23 AM »
Yes the next instalment of the ever popular Call Of Duty franchise, this time by the treyarch development team.

So the game.

Campaign: I must confess that I have only played the Campaign for about 2 hours, but it is your usual COD fest. It continues on from where BlOPsI finished but this time you place in a futuristic world. No not the world of Halo, just about 25 years into the future, where most of the weapons and toys are currently in some form of development in the real world.

Much the same thing about BlOPs I can be said about BlOPs II, linear game play play with fun weapons and try and eventually bring down the Bond type villain your chasing. Oh and yes there is just about as many cut scenes in this one as the last. Again campaign should be around 5-6 hours depending on the difficulty and if you go for every achievement.

Zombies: Ah! our friends the rotting dead are back in all their gruesome glory. This time instead of taking out Nazi zombies you appear to be taking out zombies from a mid west town. Again the game play is the same as from the first BlOPs.

Multiplayer: This is where I spend 98% of my time. It is your usual splat fest, broken up between TDM, Capture The Flag, Domination, Head Quarters, Hard Point and I think a couple of others.
After much complaints Nuke Town 2025 is now available, but this is NOT on the ordinary map rotation as it was only ever available as a download when the game was launched. It can be played on its own 24/7 and is just a manic as in the first game.

Like all COD games as you progress up the levels you unlock weapons then work on unlocking all the add ons, and camouflages, there are (at the moment) 11 prestige levels. You can prestige your weapons as well but all that allows you to do is add fancy card designs to your gun.

There is a mode called Combat Training, it is a good place to learn the maps and you can play against BOTs as well as other game players you can also rank up to level 10 before you go out into the real world.

Is it any good?

Well yes and no.

Most of the maps are small and so if you are someone who runs around like crazy and shoot everything in site then this is the game for you.

Quick Scopers , oh yes they are back with a vengeance especially with the DSM or Ballista weapons.

Spawn points are cack, to often you can die at one point and be respawn right next to an enemy, reason because of the small maps.

SMG's out perform assault rifles, the MP7 with front grip can nail you from the other side of the map.

There has been an update to deal with the "weapons" but all they did was make the assault rifles have more recoil. Nice one Activision.

LMG's are great and way over powered, the amount of long range kills I can get with an LSAT or Mk48 + target finder + front grip + fmj is just silly. (yes the LSAT is the main weapon I use)

They have taken 'knife lunge' out so you can very easily slash at someone 3 or 4 times and still miss the g*t.

If you have an XBox party going and join in a game be prepared for lag. Best is to have someone in the game and then join in on them. Ground War if you have more than 6 is a laggy pile of poo.

No doubt you have read about the Lag Compensation, Route Lag etc in the game. Activision say "the game is fine its your sh*tty connections, turn off all your firewall and internet protection", HELLLO!!!! like I am going to do that.

Even treyarch say it is just people look for excuses why they die so much.

But if you play Domination, a game of 2 halves, you can be playing the first half and have a cracking game, then at half time the start points switch around and the whole dynamics of the game will change and not necessarily in a good way making the second half much more difficult. NOTE this is without players dropping out and new ones coming in.

TDM games do not seem to have this much of an issue, but on most of the maps it is very easy to get spawn trapped and so making the game no fun at all.

I really do not understand the issues they are having with the Network games, after all it is nothing new. Yes lag will always be an issue as you get some many people joining in with various speeds but BlOPs I, MW2 and 3 never had this much problems either with parties getting games or lag.

At the end of the day they are still using the Quake Engine, so the games should just flow.


Graphics: nicely polished and look good as you would expect.

Game Play: Its COD plays, feels, tastes like COD it is how all FPS games are. Apart from the updated weapons there is nothing really new.

Multiplayer: Has it problems and yes I do still play it way to much but Hard Core TDM I do like playing and enjoy.

Sum up:

Nothing new, has problems, it has a Campaign tacked onto a Multiplay/Zombie game, feels like a add on to BlOP's I, like every other COD game.

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Re: Black Ops II
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2012, 11:14:43 AM »
Great review, Knikki.  I've always enjoyed the single player of the COD games, but have never clicked with the multiplayer.  I too often bring a knife to a gunfight (literally).   ;)

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Re: Black Ops II
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2012, 03:41:36 PM »
Played this over the holidays and I'd have to agree. Although, between the Treyarch and Infinity Ward releases, the Treyarch SP campaigns(BLOPS) have been more interesting plays. As far as multiplayer, I'm on the same boat with Neato, I go butterknife style though.  O0


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